We also offer complete construction services!

We also offer complete construction services!

..and Inspection Services!

We also offer complete  Home Inspection , Commercial Inspection, Structural Inspection, and many more inspection  Services!

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          Attention Homeowners & Customers!

          Important Things to Know Before  Hiring     

              Any Home Improvement Contractor!

  1. Protect yourself- Always ask for a  ‘certificate of insurance’ for liability and workers’ compensation coverage insurance- before work begins.

  2. If the job requires a license, ask for the license and verify the license at the Florida DBPR website(painting does not require a state or local license)

  3. To protect yourself from fraud, the tradesperson should not give the certificate directly to you- it must ALWAYS come to you directly from the  insurance agent's office to assure it is current.

  4. You should not hire anyone who does not carry both of these policies- doing so puts you at great risk.

  5. Note: A “workers' comp waiver” is not a policy, and does NOT provide financial protection to you should a worker be  injured while working on your property. Without an active  Work Comp policy if worker is injured on your property, you can be held liable.

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  1. Interior and Exterior Painting

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  4. Wallpaper Installation and Removal

  5. Paint Removal

  6. Caulking and Waterproofing

  7. On-Site Color Matching

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  10. Drywall Repairs

  11. Furniture and Appliances

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  13. Electrostatic Painting

  14. Pressure Washing

  15. Mildew Removal

  16. Historical Restorations

  17. Window Glazing (putty replacement)

  18. Sandblasting

  19. Fine Finish Spray Painting

  20. Waterproofing

  21. Specialty Coatings

  22. Garage Floors and Driveways

  23. Color Consultations

  24. Complete Construction Services

  25. Complete Inspection Services

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Have a question about your painting job?

We’ve assembled a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that might be helpful. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or just want to know, then ask our painting experts for answers to your specific questions.

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Q1. Why do my eaves always peel?

Answer: Eve peeling has two typical causes: old oil based paint separating from the wood due to lack of adhesion, or  a roof leak filling the soffit with water.

 Q1A. Is there any health danger when I sand or scrape paints?

Answer: There can be, especially if your home was built before 1978 due to possibility lead based paint may be present. Disturbing lead paint may expose you to toxic levels of lead dust. See our  “All About Lead”  web page for more details.

Q2. Why do I get cracks in the corners and screw heads popping in my drywall?

Answer: There are two typical causes for this: changes in moisture and temperature causing the house framework to change slightly in size putting stress on the fasteners and the joints will cause nail pops and cracks.  

Q3. Can I paint vinyl siding?

Answer: Yes. A new breed of paints is available to make vinyl siding paintable so you can refresh its look and change the color too.


Q4. How do I stop rust from coming back on my railings?

Answer: Paint film thickness is the key here. First remove any rust and dirt and apply at least 2 coats of rust-inhibitive paint.


Q5. How long do I need to leave my pressure treated exterior wood before I can stain it?

Answer: Typically, at least 4 months.  Water based stains are more tolerant of moist woods than oil based stains.


Q6. I want to seal my patio bricks-what can I use?

Answer: There are several types of brick sealers available depending on the conditions and the desired performance or appearance. Call us and we’ll help you.

 Q7. When do I know that I have to repaint?

Answer: Paint has 2 jobs: it protects and beautifies. When you suspect that it’s not doing either job very well, then it’s time to paint.


Q8. I just built a new house and want to keep the dust down in the garage-what can I put down on the floor?

Answer: We can apply an epoxy or silicone-acrylic floor finish that will never peel, looks beautiful and is easy to keep clean. Call today for a quote.


Q9. I am getting water through my basement wall. I heard about a paint that can be used to stop this leaking. Is there such a thing?

Answer: Yes. But this problem is best repaired on the exterior side of the wall. Call us for a quote on exterior foundation waterproofing.


Q10. My pressure treated wood fence/deck has weathered to a darkish gray color-what can I do to freshen it up?"

Answer: Wash it to remove dirt and mildew and apply a wood brightener or a stain color. Call us for a quote.


Q11. My deck keeps peeling year after year – what do I need to do to get something that lasts?

Answer: The problem is probably a paint film that’s 4 or 5 layers down that’s lost its adhesion with the wood. Sanding is the best cure.


Q12. What colors are hot now?

Answer: Taupes, cool off-whites, and dusty blue colors are popular. Call us for an estimate and a color consult.


Q13. My cedar wood fence/deck has weathered to a darkish gray color. What can I do to freshen it up?

Answer: Wash it to remove dirt and mildew and apply a fresh coat of clear sealer with added wood toner. Call us for a quote.


Q14. I want to remove my stucco/popcorn from my ceilings, and then paint them. How do you do this?

Answer: Very carefully! Seriously, we can make easy work of this messy job. Call us for a quote.


Q15. I have a painted block foundation. On the exterior I get white salt-like stuff on the surface that destroys the paint. What is this and how can I prevent it?

Answer: That salty, fluffy stuff is what we call efflorescence, a salt that leaches from the block when it gets soaked with water. Cleaning and apply a waterproofer to the block is the fix.


Q16. Can I paint aluminum siding? Aluminum gutters?

Answer: Yes, aluminum is very paintable after the proper surface preparation and primer is used.


Q17. Why do I get black stuff (mildew) on my siding?

Answer: Mildew will grow on a paint film that has lost its ability to resist mildew. A new coat of mildew resistant paint is necessary to keep the mildew from returning.


Q18. When I caulk, do I need to take out all of the old stuff?

Answer: Not necessarily. If the caulk is well adhered, the new caulk can be applied over it.


Q19. Is caulking necessary on the exterior?

Answer: Yes. Caulking seals the cracks which let in air, moisture and insects.


Q20. How warm does it need to be to paint?

Answer: Typically 50 degrees, but there are new low temp paints which allow painting down to 35 degrees.


Q21. Who has the best paint?

Answer: We prefer Sherwin Williams and Porter Paints- these  brands have proven to perform well in our market for the last 25 years.


Q22. Do I have dry rot on my windowsills?

Answer: This is a typical area for rot to occur. If a screwdriver can easily be pushed into the wood, it should be repaired or replaced.


Q23. "How do I prep my deck?

Answer: We start with a pressure wash to remove dirt and mildew followed by sanding and scraping if needed.


Q24. Why do I get cracks where my trim (baseboard, window frames, door frames, crown molding) meets the walls?

Answer: The woodwork in your home will change size due to seasonal changes and may pull away from the wall slightly at those times. This is normal.


Q25. Which is better spraying or brushing and rolling?

Answer: In most cases brushing and rolling is more thorough.


Q26. What is the difference between latex and oil?

Answer: Besides being able to clean up with soap and water, latex or acrylic paint has all but replaced oil based paint for most applications, especially on the exterior of your home. Oil based enamel is still commonly used on interior woodwork and cabinetry.


Q27. Is latex better than oil?

Answer: For most applications acrylic latex paints outperform oil based paints.


Q28. Do I need one coat or two finish coats? 

Answer: Two coats will give you better performance and coverage. One coat may be sufficient for your project though based on our site evaluation, and of course, one coat costs less than two.


Q29. Which is better spraying or brushing and rolling?

Answer: In most cases brushing and rolling is more thorough.


Q30. Do I need a full underbody /primer when I repaint an interior and/or exterior?

Answer: It’s not always necessary. Primers as the name suggests are a first coat. Existing paint films in good condition can be painted over without a primer as long as the two paints used are compatible with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

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